Observations from Chasing Mavericks

THE CHANGE AGENT ~ January 17, 2015 ~ Blog Love: 0

I am a voracious reader; don’t watch a lot of movies because I prefer the intellectual and creative process of visualizing what I read. I do love the artistic expression of cinematography and often find music that I appreciate from movie scores. Last night was an exception. I watched Chasing Mavericks. I loved the movie soundtrack – it was compelling, creative and begged depth…could be due to the subject matter: learning to survive (in the pursuit of surfing it) the power and enormity of a record breaking, earth pounding wave and the possibility of being forcefully drug to the depth of the ocean. I’m a beginner surfer. Being a lifetime athlete who struggles little to become better than average at virtually every sport, I have found it humbling to say the least. Believing surfing to be a visceral experience, the base lessons about surfing presented in this film were eye opening. That’s not what I intended to blog about however. Concomitant to the plot of surfing this legendary wave, the movie inspired review of the depth of the human condition. This is what touched me. On a different day, state of being or life circumstances, the way it was presented may have just glanced the surface of my emotions and I would have walked away thinking “cool surfing movie.”