YOU can imagine your dreams, you can create transformation in your life and you can be empowered!

If you’re here, it’s because:

  • You’re looking for “practical inspiration” (which means finding the workable tools and guidance to create and take the next steps)
  • The self-help books got you started, but now you want a personal roadmap
  • You know you have something impactful to share
  • You want to explore the adventurous, audacious side of yourself and give yourself the permission to live big!
  • You want to make a difference AND you want to feel damn good about it!

Hi! I’m Carin Aichele. THE CHANGE AGENT. I guide people to make the life transformations that create their empowered self. Empowering change is my gift, my offering, my nemesis at times and my passion. I facilitate change ~ in my life, in your life, and ultimately in the world. I am a seeker, a rebel, a creator, and a healer. I believe in passion, purpose, choice, kindness, love, faith, and freedom. I believe in me and I believe in you!

I explored wellness studying alternative healing modalities such as prayer healing, reiki, energy healing and Shamanic practices. I became a certified personal trainer, group exercise instructor and indoor cycling coach. Because I can be an overachiever, I studied not one but two life coaching certification programs, studied NLP, read endless books and attended countless workshops and seminars on the broad subject of coaching. So here I am…a certified life coach…I am THE CHANGE AGENT.

Are you ready for your life, empowered? Do you want to make a life change, but feel stuck, overwhelmed, or unsure of what direction to go?

You are ready for transformational coaching if you:

  • Have a lot of ideas, but aren’t sure of where to start
  • Feel creative energy, but don’t know how to express it
  • Resist making important changes because of fear that your family or friends won’t support them
  • Want to be able to give in a way that helps others AND enhances (not damages) your personal energy
  • Wonder if your feelings of self-worth hold you back from receiving success and abundance

What do you do now?

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