About Carin

Carin Aichele Life Coach Granite Bay CAThe short version of my long story…and how I became THE CHANGE AGENT.

Empowering change is my gift, my offering, my nemesis at times and my passion. I facilitate change ~ in my life, in your life, and ultimately in the world. I believe deeply in passion, purpose, choice, kindness, love, faith and freedom. Yes, I said freedom! I coach you to experience the freedom that supports you in making the impact that is truly yours.

I believe that freedom is the power to exercise choice and make decisions without constraints from within or without. I believe that freedom is most readily experienced alongside faith. Faith is tricky…I am not attached to what you believe faith is and what or who you have faith in, but THAT you have faith. Faith and freedom are a dynamic duo. With them, you are empowered!

In some way, I have always believed in freedom. As a little girl, I was simultaneously given firm guidance alongside loose freedom (I still believe in this model…success takes discipline). I was free to run amuck in the neighborhood, barefoot in the fields and creeks; and free to make choices while held accountable for the result of my choices (I still believe in this too).

I am a seeker, a rebel, a creator, and a healer.

life coach in granite bay CAMy current understanding of faith evolved from a religion-less upbringing (although I prayed before bed), confusion about whether I was agnostic or atheist in my early 20’s, personal exploration & pursuit of a religious teaching that I could count on in my late 20’s, a loose attachment to a lesser-known and socially unaccepted religious teaching throughout my 30’s, a deep attachment to that same religion (particularly the aspect of healing that it teaches) into my early 40’s, and finally a time of solo travel, meditation, and study concluding with the realization that we are simply all in this together. Today, my understanding of faith is that the Divine is within each of us. I don’t care how you get to your faith: socially accepted religion, the yellow brick road, Interstate 70, with my help…I do care that you live your life empowered; trusting that we are all connected, loved beyond measure, and that every thought we have or action we take has far-reaching impact. You matter, each of us matters, you are BIG, Bright and shining a light upon a path.

My goal is to assist you in being purposeful about your light and to support you in living your Life Empowered.

The Nitty Gritty

Acts of Courage
Business Success
Book Starts and Other Creative Endeavors
Stupid Shit
  • 1966: Born November 12: Carin G. Aichele

    Astrology: Double Scorpio with a Leo Rising

    A glorious day in my parent’s lives. I was the firstborn, a happy, giggling baby. My mom’s seven words to describe me: beautiful, intelligent, intuitive, caring, loving, strong, courageous

  • 1968: First Love

    My sweet pup Tippy. My love of dogs is still alive and well. I currently adore Dolce, my 3rd golden retriever.

  • 1971: First Book

    Harry the Hippo, age 5. Mom still has it in a tub marked “Carin”. An inspiring tale of a young hippo seeking friendship and love.

  • 1973: First Adventure

    In first grade I walked home (5+ miles) from a canceled Brownies Troop meeting when my mom forgot it was canceled. It became adventure when I treated myself to a grape soda at the gas station…I’m like 7 at this point.

  • 1978: First Business Success

    I had my first business at 12: house cleaning.

  • 1981: I opened my first IRA at 17
  • 1983: My second run at self-employment

    I had my second run at self-employment at 17. I was drafting home additions and a rogue guy walked in and asked my boss to turn around a set of plans for a small commercial remodel in 48 hours. My boss laughed at him. I ran out from my desk and said: “I’ll do it!” I looked at the guy and said “$400 cash”, I looked at my boss and said “I’ll split it with you”. That turned into a ten-year run producing fast turnaround plans and a lifelong friendship with the rogue guy.

  • 1986: I did a lot of drugs for a very little time when I was 20

    (I’m not proud of this and it has assisted me in speaking with young people about the impact of their choices)

  • 1987: I dropped out of Architecture School

    I dropped out of Architecture School (I’m not proud of this either…I missed out on a rich, young adult life experience. I did obtain an architecture license and spent 20+ years enjoying a field that I love)

  • 1990: Third self-employment

    I quit my secure job at an architecture firm because the boss refused to quit making me design miserably boring low-income housing. I started Drawn to Scale. Residential and Commercial Design.

  • 1993: Became a licensed architect
  • 1994: I used to run out of gas all the time

    I would literally make a game out of coasting into the gas station. This doesn’t go over well with my partner and/or family and friends so I have sought other more socially acceptable means of taking risks!

  • 1995: Trusting my health to integrative and alternative healing methods including prayer healing

    After a time of exploring spiritual beliefs and world religions, I discovered that my primary relationship was to the Divine and that I could trust that relationship even with my wellness.

  • 1995: Spent 2 summers solo backpacking the Sierra Nevadas

    This was a time of soul-searching. I found my personal understanding of God while lost deep in the mountains. Dehydrated, exhausted, scared and unprepared to sleep in the bushes alongside my dog; I sat down and prayed. Moments later I heard a voice that said: “go back the direction you came”. I had done that 4 times prior to no avail. I was back on the trail 10 minutes later. Warm, fed and safe by my campfire that night, I decided to expand my understanding of faith.

  • 1996: Solo European Travel

    The trip to Europe was a promise I had made to myself to take this journey before I turned 30. I was 2 months away when I embarked upon this experience. The travel changed my view of what is important in life and gave me the courage to start my own firm (CA Associates 1998).

  • 1997: Quitting my job and starting my own architecture firm…

    Quitting my job and starting my own architecture firm b/c I wanted to travel more and have more time. For 15 years, I traveled 8-12 weeks/year while maintaining a thriving business. Highlights include traveling through Australia and New Zealand in an RV for 6 weeks & attending the Austalian Open tennis tournament 5 times! I am a huge tennis player and fan.

  • 1997: Discovered that sharing my vulnerabilities wasn’t going to kill me…it hasn’t yet!

    In 1997 I expanded my journey of self-exploration attending a series of personal growth seminars. My biggest learning was that a strength overused is a weakness. I was overusing my independence, strength and toughness by not allowing people to know me. The impact was a lack of deep connection.

  • 1998: Fourth self-employment

    Started my architecture firm designing public schools.

  • 1999: Learned to Whitewater Kayak and have traveled the world kayaking
  • 2001: Designed and constructed a veritable resort on my CA property

    Home is very important to me. I love opening the doors and sharing with friends and family. I had a prolific garden and enjoy eating fresh from nature.


  • 2003: Volunteered at Ride to Walk

    My volunteer activities included leading children and young adults with neurological disabilities through innovative therapeutic horseback riding activities that are recreational in nature and adapted to the individual’s needs and disabilities.

  • 2008: Volunteered at Golden Retriever Rescue

    My love of this breed expanded to supporting rescue dogs. My favorite activity was escorting the pups into the swimming pool!

  • 2009: Took up and became pretty great at photography

    Photography is a self-expression. It is a mirror into the photographer’s view and thoughts. Every time I share a photo, I am inviting you to know me.

  • 2009: I took up mountain bike racing at 43
  • 2011: Became a published travel writer & photographer

    RV and Adventure travel articles between March 2011-2014 may be found at this website.

  • 2012: Created a travel website and blog
  • 2012: Surrendering to a calling to close my biz, leave my home, and travel solo in an RV
  • 2012: Book Starts and other creative endeavors

    Integrative and Spiritual Healing: 2012

    Real testimonies of healing that occurs from reliance on sources other than Western Medicine (pharmaceutical medication or other invasive surgery). I Interviewed healers of various modalities and am presenting options and experiences from a variety of integrative methods.

    The Courageous Woman’s Journey ~ musings on faith and our purpose (about my time traveling solo in the RV) 2013

    A story about forging into the unknown ~ be that an unknown place or the unknowns in our own experience, or in our soul. Using my “spinner” I regularly spun the dial and went the distance and direction it suggested taking me to destinations and experiences unknown!

  • 2013: I became a certified life coach

    Now, I use my strengths and experiences to inspire and empower others.

  • 2014: I won a 25 mile mountain bike race at +9,000 feet

    I continue to race my bike, teach spin and fitness classes and can’t wait until I can say “I’m 50 and I competitively race mountain bikes!”

  • 2014: I swam with Hammerhead sharks in the Galapagos

    I don’t know why I did this…and it was invigorating.

  • 2015: Next Book: Life Empowered