Mission and Vision


My personal purpose is to be faithful, loving and free. I live boldly, with a deep sense of personal freedom and inspire others to do the same. Guided by my spiritual beliefs, I follow my own inner voice and trust myself. I live authentically by my own terms and make clear, accountable choices that align with my personal values and dreams. I express strength and power through the recognition of the divine in myself and others. I am abundant, a manifester. I believe that when we align with our true gifts; abundance is the natural result. I am a passionate seeker, traveler, and adventurer who loves the mystery of life!

My mission is to change the word by guiding people to be empowered, bold, impactful and free.

My vision for the world is one wherein each person is free. I aspire to live in a world where freedom replaces fear and wherein personal, local, community and global decisions are made based upon the highest good for all. I believe that freedom replaces fear when we consciously choose our thoughts, perceptions, and beliefs. I aspire to live in a world where people choose to live bold, authentic lives, recognizing that every thought and deed has unimaginable impact upon oneself and the world. I aspire to live in a world where each being is living Life Empowered.

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My Wisdom

I live life in the moment alongside being responsible for my future

I believe in myself and I believe in you

I passionately believe about myself and you:

  • Your beliefs create your reality
  • You are constantly at choice
  • Freedom comes from making your choices aligned with your highest purpose and desire
  • You are a product of the Divine
  • Everyone has something to teach you
  • Fear is normal, natural AND easily harnessed ~ You are the boss of your fear!
  • Your inner voice knows the truth ~ Listen, you have the answers!
  • Life is a playground and you get to make your own rules
  • You are meant to live soulful, wild, authentic, blissful, bold, audacious, passionate, empowered and free!
  • Changing the world happens one moment at a time ~ it starts with this one!
  • Your every thought, word, and deed has far-reaching impact ~ you matter, a lot!
  • Life Empowered is: self-directed, accountable, courageous, faithful and Free

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