It’s Fun to Watch Joy!

THE CHANGE AGENT ~ November 12, 2014 ~ Blog Love: 0

I am inspired today by a couple who, while walking on Pismo Beach, stopped at length to share in Dolce’s bliss as she romped in the ocean. Randomly sharing with me, the woman exclaimed: “It’s fun to watch joy!” I am blessed to be in the near constant companionship of Dolce, my golden retriever dog, who teaches me some of life’s greatest lessons.

A morning session at Pismo Beach with Dolce looks something like this: While still at the RV, I prompt her asking: “do you want to go to the beach?” I begin putting on my running shoes and she immediately gets excited. She doesn’t wonder if I really mean it or question if I love her enough to take her or project into the future asking herself if it will really be fun. She just goes with the moment and begins wagging and excitedly pressing me to hurry up! First lesson right here for us over-thinking humans: when there’s an opportunity for fun, just go with it! The more excited and enthusiastic energy we exude, the more likely it is that it will be incredible!

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