Musings on LOVE as a verb

THE CHANGE AGENT ~ December 6, 2014 ~ Blog Love: 0

I spent my morning reading, writing and meditating. The result of that is feeling love and appreciation for the gift of love and especially people with whom I have shared the act of love…love as a verb…being there when it’s not sweet, doing things when it’s not convenient to do, being there in my/or their darkest moments and when we are tired of hearing about the darkness, holding each other as we sob, holding each other as we celebrate, exchanging inspirations and seeing the beauty of our differences…love in action. In my contemplation I realized that I have a hard time sustaining a loving perspective, that I get caught up in my shit and am not the quality of person that I would like to be…and I return to the verb of love and forgive myself and re-choose…taking a new loving action and affirming the truth of who I am.

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