The Life Empowered Community

What is it?

“A sanctuary…where deep healing is possible in an environment of togetherness” ~ CGA

Set your life on fire.
Seek those who fan your flames.

Who is it?

Support by Life Empowered CommunityLike-minded people driven to change the world, be authentic, and make a bold impact.

We are a committed group of women who desire to be impactful, to give with purpose, and to live big, bold lives. We share, we grow, we laugh and we get it done! We also support each other and learn from our successes and challenges. It is a place to find practical inspiration for leading your life from a place of deep authenticity and empowerment.

Being supported is FUN!

What will I get out of it?

Support in changing your world, a place to feel safe with our painful emotions, limiting beliefs and confused behaviors…no really, it’s a place where we can grow, learn and definitely laugh at ourselves, together!

What’s a typical day, week or month in the Life Empowered Community?

A typical day in the Life Empowered Community is expansive! We share, we grow, we practice, we learn new tools, and we support each other. You will have access to a dynamic group of women who just like you, want to live an amazing life. We might shed a tear, we might unravel a belief that is stopping us, we might even take on fear. Trust that whatever the day has in store, you will be inspired!

What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality. ~Plutarch

Why is this worth my money?

You will be inspired, supported, AND empowered!

  • the cost won’t break your bank!
  • you can choose your payment options
Investment: Monthly: $59 Subscribe
Quarterly $159 10% savings Subscribe
Semi-Annual $289 20% savings Subscribe
Annually $499 30% savings Subscribe

You get this massive list of result-creating services for one low monthly price.

Weekly Group Coaching Call

Every week we will spend 90 minutes working a new subject that supports our empowerment. We talk about things like what’s holding us back and why, our successes, what we really want out of life and how to get it, intention and action, our thoughts and how they buoy or drown us. Once a month we will have an open mic where you bring whatever you’ve got and we get at it.

Weekly Homework Assignment

Leading up to the coaching call, you will receive a homework assignment to prepare you for the coaching topic. Assignments might include writing, taking action or exploring aspects of yourself and your purpose.

2x per week FB access for 1 hour (“office hours”)

Twice a week I will be logged onto the Private FaceBook page where we can engage and process. Hours and days will be scheduled in advance so you know when you can catch me!

Weekly Email/Journal Interaction

This is your opportunity for a quick tune-up or assistance with clarity. Once a week you have email/journal access to private correspondence with me.

You wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down.
~Toni Morrison

Monthly Empowerment (summary) email

Each month you will receive a written summary of the key teachings, successes, and tools that we worked with. You will be able to refer back to processes or key ideas that most supported you.

Book study Group

Every 3 months we will study a book that supports our empowerment. Book subjects will align with theories of personal empowerment, overcoming self-limits, and spirituality (non-denominational and thought-provoking).

Personal Shamanic Journey with Carin every 3 months

Members who are with the Community for 3 or more months will receive a Shamanic Divination Journey with Carin. Journeys are a fantastic way to explore questions you have about your life. Your question may be on any subject in your life. You don’t need any experience to enjoy the revelatory knowledge from this work.

Creative Challenge/Practice every month

For those interested, a creative expansion challenge will be offered. These will be in support of our empowerment and will assist us in considering our options in life. An example challenge may be to improve the quality of one being’s life in a discernible way this month. One way you might do this is to consciously be extra kind to service staff or to take your dog on walks/hikes when you would not normally do so. The intention will be to see how these improved quality engagements impact your life!

Quarterly Change the World Challenge

These challenges will be self-directed. Over the months during coaching calls, Facebook office hours and email journaling, we will discuss your challenges and check-in about your progress. You will have an opportunity to share your ideas, your frustrations and how you are holding yourself back, and your successes. Challenges will be personally selected and assure the results you are seeking in life.

Changing the world does begin with you and I’m excited to see what we can accomplish together!

Join now and begin living your Life Empowered!