You’ve Made it. Now What?

Do you wonder if THIS is it? Feel like life is good, sometimes great…but…there’s got to be something more. You are an amazing woman! You’ve lived a great life, had a successful run with your career, raised a family (of children, dogs, cats…), you’ve been a Super Woman (read: super-mom, super-daughter, super-partner, super-success)…and yet, there is a yearning for…something. Something deeper, something more meaningful, something more creative, something more adventurous, something Bold!

Are your current beliefs and perceptions getting in the way of you living big?

You’ve reached that point in your life where you can’t hide from the voice inside. Sometimes it whispers “write that poem”, sometimes it yells “teach that class” and other times it screams “go on that safari to Africa!” The voice says there’s more to you, there’s more to life and there’s a gift inside of you that you HAVE to share. You find twelve other things to do in the evening even though you promised yourself tonight was the night to write. You’re afraid of taking the trip alone, your friends don’t understand your desire for adventure, you wonder if anyone will truly benefit from your help, you question if what you want to share truly has impact.

I get it…I know how that feels. I also know how it feels to leap into my dreams and live the bold, audacious and free life that makes my heart sing. And I want the same for you!

I am a visionary/freedom coach: I help people who have “made it” in life, and are wondering: now what? Many of us have lived our lives aligned with social norms and expectations. We partner, we have families, we create homes, we work at good jobs and we live good, fulfilling lives. Then, one day we begin wondering “what’s next?” What is my purpose and what more do I want to experience, to contribute, to impact? Are your current beliefs and perceptions getting in the way of you living big? I help you imagine, create, and be the vision you have always dreamed for yourself.

Don’t just live ~ Leap and Live Boldly!

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