What Others Say

Carin is an amazing loving caring woman.  You can feel her calming energy when you first meet her.  The one thing I love most about working with Carin is her ability to really listen to you.  She always makes eye contact with you and you can feel that she is so present with you.  I watched her tackle any task with full gusto giving her all physically and mentally.  I am honored to know her, she is an extraordinary person.
Kathy Philo
Vice President, GGblue

Carin is an amazing coach. She is so centered and in tune. She used great techniques to guide me through my thoughts, needs, and experiences and helped me find clarity and insight. Talking to her is like talking to a best friend who isn’t afraid to tell you what you need to hear and who truly wants you to find your greatest happiness and peace.

Rachael Weaver
Joyful Life Coach

Carin is such an inspiration and has a strong passion for modeling what she teaches her clients – taking risks, being authentic, and making bold choices aligned with values. She is able to hone in on what gets in the way and holds safe, supportive space. She helped me gain clarity and focus on concrete actions steps I could take to build my coaching practice. She was skillfully able to help uncover how I was getting in my own way, and helped me find my own solutions. Carin is a master at helping people take small (and big) leaps forward, and supporting them every step of the scary, exciting way.

Krylyn Peters
The Fear Whisperer

Carin is a courageous leader and innovative thinker.  She listens deeply and offers great insights.  She inspires playfulness and creativity in every session.  She has a way of making anything seem possible and has the skills to help turn the possible into reality.

Hannah T; Santa Cruz, CA

Can’t say enough about Carin…I am healthier, happier and feel way more empowered in my life.”

Daphne L.; Roseville, CA
Director of Marketing

I worked with Carin to get clear about what I wanted to do next.  My life was on hold.  I wanted to use my skills to do something more creative and impactful but I was afraid to make the wrong move. Carin was amazing and understood my every fear.  We worked together and in just 4 sessions, I had creative ideas and a potential vision for what I wanted to do next and how I wanted to contribute to the world.  I feel more vibrant and connected to myself thanks to Carin.

Jason M.; San Diego, CA

Working with Carin is a richly rewarding experience for my heart and soul. She acts as a gentle, loving, nurturing and very clear mirror reflecting back to me the clarity and truth of my being and assists me in grounding it into this reality to create the life of my dreams.

Knowing that Carin was an architect in her former life I feel she utilizes that talent brilliantly and combines it with her deep shamanic knowledge to assist me in architecting my life in a way that truly honors my hearts deepest longings along with my physical bodies needs.

In just a few short weeks I have already cleared away a massive amount of debris and we are building a new foundation and structure for me that allows me to thrive as who I am now.

I highly recommend her coaching skills to architect any area of your life you wish to transform.

Thank you Carin!!!!

Alecia E.; Aspen, CO